Prostate cancer prevention and best nutrition for the patient

By: Dr.Dina Atif Ahmed Zaki Sherif - 29 January 2020

The risk increases when the prostate begins to swell, and this is accompanied by symptoms such as increased urination, blood flow with sperm, and erectile dysfunction. But it is possible to reduce the risk of infection by eating a balanced diet that contains fruits and vegetables because they contain antioxidants such as: 1- Green tea 1- Soy and its products 2- Vitamin C (like lemon, orange, lemon, green pepper) 3- Black cumin seeds are important for promoting the normal growth of prostate cells and protecting them from infections 4- Cayenne pepper or chili pepper because they contain antioxidants 5- Pomegranate to reduce prostate cell inflammation 6- Tomatoes because they contain lycopene, which protects against cancer There are some foods that are recommended to reduce them and not prevent them in the case of prostate cancer because the condition does not progress, such as: 1- Dairy products, especially if there is a hormonal treatment (calcium) 2- Red meat 3- Saturated fats because of the weight gain they lead to, thus the condition progresses